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Premier Partners

      The Taylors travel over 50,000 miles each year to share their music with hundreds of churches and venues.  In six years of ministry, over 4,500 first-time professions for Christ have been made across the country.  As the cost of fuel continues to rise, it has become increasingly difficult for The Taylors to meet their budget each month.  At $4.00 per gallon of gas, The Taylors' fuel expense for 2013 is expected to be between $30,000 and $40,000. 

     If you would like to help support The Taylors in their mission to share the gospel across the world, a great new way to do that is to become a Premier Partner with The Taylors.  Your sponsorship will help support The Taylors' ministry by allowing them stay on road by contributing gallons of gasoline on a monthly basis.  

     Here's how the program works:

              One tank of gasoline (175 gallons) costs The Taylors around $750 and the average number of refills per month is around 5 tanks.  Sponsors can help reduce the costs of fuel each month by agreeing to purchase a certain amount of Gasoline each month.  

     The breakdown of the different levels of sponsors is as follows: *

     Super Sponsor: Sponsor contributes 50 or more gallons of gas each month by donating $200.00 or more to the ministry.
     Premier Partner: Partner contributes 25 gallons of gas each month by donating $100.00 to the ministry.  
     Gold Partner: Partner contributes 18 gallons of gas each month by donating $75.00 to the ministry.
     Silver Partner: Partner contributes 12 gallons of gas each month by donating $50.00 to the ministry.
     Bronze Partner: Partner contributes 6 gallons of gas each month by donating $25.00 to the ministry.
     Friend of The Taylors: Partner contributes any amount of gasoline by donating $1.00 or more to the ministry

* A donation of any amount can be made; partner levels are assigned to make it easier to show what different donations will provide with regards to fuel.  Donation amount will not fluctuate with changes in the price of petroleum.  Whatever pledge you make will remain constant throughout the year unless you change that amount yourself.

     To say "thanks," The Taylors will send all partners an autographed copy of their newest CD.

     The easiest way to become a partner is to click here and provide your credit card information on the following page.  Each month, your credit or debit card will be charged for a certain amount based on which level of partnership you choose.  Your personal information will be processed through a secure payment system and will not be shared.

     You can also become a partner by sending a monthly payment directly to The Taylors.

     Please mail checks to:

          The Taylors
          PO Box 2252
          Lillington, NC 27546

     Partners can cancel their sponsorships at any time by clicking here.

     The Taylors are very grateful for your prayers and support and look forward to seeing you somewhere down the road!